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Yes or No

It’s as simple as this.  Making progress or changes in your life is a matter of saying yes or no.  Depending on the issue either answer could be a positive or negative influence on the outcomes in your life.  You might think yes would always be positive and no negative.  Oh really!  Let’s think about that a little bit.

Take yes.  If yes is to result in a positive outcome in some aspect of your life, there better be no negative issues tied to it.  What am I saying?  Well, let’s take the example of you hating your job so much that you decide to say yes to quitting it.  There’s a lot of very negative consequences to making that kind of decision in these very difficult economic times.  A more positive outcome may result, if you decided to say no, for now, and wait for the economic situation to turn around.

You see, it isn’t a yes or a no that makes a particular decision a positive or a negative.  It’s the result of the decision that brings either condition about.

Here’s the important lesson to take from this short discussion about two little words.  It’s you who decides whether you say yes to something.  So, just as you can say yes you can also make the choice to say no.  Yes you do have that ultimate power and no there is not another soul who can take that power from you.

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