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You Alone Need to Successfully Overcome the Unknown

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900411728_20140305-212232_1So, what are you going to do?  You are faced with something you have never experienced before but you know you have to overcome it somehow.  If you don’t, you are convinced your life will end up being less than it could be.  In such a case, it seems to me the only the only thing you can do is face up to your fears of the unknown and overcome it.

Of course, the question still remains as to how?  What follows are some thoughts in that regard.

When you face any door to the known in your life, you probably don’t hesitate to open it.  There is no reason for you to hesitate because you know you will be rewarded in some way when you open it.  If opening the door to your home, you know you are facing the comfort that lies within.  If opening the door to your refrigerator, you know you will find the food you need within.  If opening your car door, you know the outcome will be the opportunity to drive to a destination of your choice.  The bottom-line of all these examples is you know you will receive an expected outcome.  There is nothing to fear.

Given a revision in your thinking, the door to some unknown can also be opened with little or no fear.  It is important to get into that mindset because a door to a new opportunity left closed means the opportunity and its potential outcomes will always be unknown.  Opportunity that remains unknown is just as lacking in potential as never having the opportunity in the first place.  A life lived with repeated loss of opportunities is a life that dramatically shrinks in potential.

Flip the switch…Change your mind set to be more fearful of lost potential than what is behind the door to the unknown.  Believe in opening each door you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  You alone need to open those doors…nobody else can do it for you.

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