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You Are Not Clever Without Your Act Being Together

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442237Think about it.  Most people who achieve success in their lives do so because they exhibit some key characteristics that less successful people don’t seem to have.  One of those characteristics is that successful people are always smart.  Please notice I did not use the word, intelligent.  We all know some extremely intelligent people who totally blew their lives up by consistently making dumb decisions and never learning from them.

Let’s clarify the distinction between smart and intelligent before we go on to make my point.  Smart can be likened to being clever, street-wise, quick witted, and sharp of mind.  The more sophisticated sounding word, intelligent, can be likened to showing sound judgment and rationality while also possessing a high degree of mental acuity.  Now, to the reader, it might seem there is a great degree of similarity between the two words, smart and intelligent, and I suppose there is.  However, I make the distinction by emphasizing the clever, street-wise aspects of being smart over the rationality of intelligence.

Of course you have to approach achieving success with a degree of rationality but that alone will not guarantee success.  To be successful you always have to be clever in wending your way through the minefield of life.  However, those who are clever enough to have a shot at success recognize they must get their total act together, as well.

A successful person’s total act includes the following:

  • Being clever and sharp of mind, as previously noted
  • Holding oneself in high regard…they appreciate their strengths and minimize their weaknesses
  • Bringing into clear focus a vision of what success looks like for them
  • Clearly defining why they want to realize that vision…having a deep, emotional attachment to the vision
  • Developing a detailed, documented plan for realizing the vision…including a step-by-step roadmap
  • Acting on the progression of steps as appropriate on a daily basis
  • Adjusting the plan as changing reality dictates…but, not losing sight of ultimately achieving the vision
  • Creating a new vision to pursue when having realized the previous vision
  • Repeating the entire process continuously throughout their life

If one is not clever, there is no way to pull together and keep together the above series of acts.  On the other hand, one can’t be clever without keeping the above acts together.  In short, success results from defining and performing a series of smart acts over time.

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