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You Bring Solid Character and You Build Solid Relationships

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900401036Let’s get off on the same footing, here.  I don’t want any confusion about the concept of character since a solid character is so critical to your success. Character can be defined in many ways and for our purposes almost all of those definitions apply.  Of all of them of which I am aware, though, I think the most critical description of character has to do with a person’s combined moral or ethical structure.

If you want to build solid relationships with all the various groups of people with whom you interact you have to bring a solid character to the table.  People will not relate to you over time if they see you’re shallow at any time!  People, first and foremost, want to know they can count on the fact the person they think they see and know is the same person they actually see and know.  They don’t want surprises in that regard!

To bring that kind of solid character into any relationship requires you to demonstrate several other characteristics.  First, you must have a natural ability to empathize with others.  If you’re agenda is too self-serving, you will not be able to feel how the other person in the relationship is feeling.  Simply put, you must be able to truly walk in the other person’s shoes, if you want to also have them put on your shoes, so to speak.

Without a great sense of empathy, it will be very difficult for you to trust in the other person’s motives, as well as yours, for that matter.  If there is no trust, there really is no solid relationship.  Long-term, meaningful and productive relationships always spring from a bedrock of trust.  Trust always has been and always will be in place when there is a deep sense of confidence in the integrity, ability, character and truth between people.

Finally, besides empathy and trust, you must bring value to the relationship that you are willing to share.  The value can be identified in many ways: love, knowledge, skill, etc.  The key is to have something unique to offer and being selfless in your approach to offering it.

So you build your solid character through authenticity, empathy, trustworthiness, and selflessness.  You bring that kind of solid character to any relationship and you build a solid relationship.  With solid character and solid relationships comes a solid shot at success.

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