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You Can Not Lose When You See Gain

b2ap3_thumbnail_ChanceHere’s the problem for entirely too many people!  Their negative outlook on their lives makes them focus on the wrong things.  They always see the loss of something as final rather than being willing to look past the loss and see how they could gain from the experience.

What a way to live your life!  Talk about a loss!  Life is too precious to ever dwell on your losses.  Every second you lose time quickly turns into years of lost opportunity.  Fix your attitude this way:

Every time something doesn’t go the way you want it to…stop and think differently.  Don’t dwell on the misery of what went wrong.  Resist the emotion to be negative and, rather, look for what has happened that will allow you to do something better or differently in the future. 

Every negative has within it the possibility of a positive outcome.  You just have to figure out what that is!  It’s up to you.  Nobody can do it for you. Besides, if they did, you would lose the ultimate benefit of controlling your own destiny not putting it in the hands of others.

As has been said:  “Destiny is not a matter of chance.  It’s a matter of choice.”  You gain through acting on your choices in life.  You lose by waiting for chance to provide for you.   

In other words, if you always look for how you gain from every experience in your life you will never lose a positive outcome to all of your life.

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