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You Cannot

Let’s try a little reverse psychology driven off the title of this article.  If you buy into it, it will do you good.  So, here goes.

Many times throughout your life, my bet is you said something like:  ” I cannot do this.”  Or “I cannot do that.”  Am I right?  Of course, I am! We have all done it.  But, that should not be an excuse for any of us.

“You cannot thinking’ is a mindset born many times from lack of experience and, therefore a degree of fear.  That’s understandable but should it be acceptable in all instances?  I don’t think so.

If you’re limiting your opportunities and personal growth in life because you’re infected with “You cannot thinking,” here’s what I suggest you do.  It’s very simple.  Do one thing this week that you think you cannot do.  Even if you don’t successfully do it at first, do as the old saying says:  “Try, try again.”  And, repeat the process throughout the rest of your life if “you cannot thinking” creeps back in along the way.

You can do that!

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