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You Can’t Just Go You Have to Be in the Know

One of the most stunning drives in the United States, if not the world, is along the Pacific Coast Highway in California.  Route 1 is its official label but who cares!

It zigs and zags along the craggy coast of California providing some of the most magnificent vistas that you could imagine while introducing you to some of the most delightful towns and cities you can experience anywhere.

The heart of the drive is considered to be the 120 mile section between Monterrey and south to Morro Bay near San Luis Obispo.  However, it continues up the California coast until it turns inland and joins U.S. Highway 101 in Northern California.  In short, hundreds of miles of enrapturing travel.

That’s if you time it right!!

The entire length of the California coastline gets heavy fog throughout most of the year.  It can happen anytime but can be most prevalent in the morning or the evening.california-52929_1280

Anyone who has ever experienced driving in fog can appreciate how it can totally eliminate any chance at seeing expansive vistas.  In this fog, if you can see beyond 50 feet you are very lucky, indeed.

Dense does not really adequately describe the fog along the California coast.  A wet, chilly blanket might be a better description.  This fog wraps around you and damn near drowns you it’s so thick!

It really doesn’t make any difference if you know where you are going when driving in California coastal fog.  Disorientation can become acute and the drop off a cliff down to the sea can be catastrophic!

So imagine this…you decide you want to take this beautiful drive.  You are going to begin your trip in Monterrey and your goal is staying a night or two at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.

You’re all set.  After enjoying the sights and sounds of the Cannery Row area of Monterrey you’re off.

You divert a little off of Route 1 to take in the “17 Mile Drive” between Monterrey and Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Then, it happens!

You’re just south of Carmel and headed toward Big Sur.  Gorgeous doesn’t remotely describe the beauty of what you are seeing!route-1-1168783_1920

Unexpectedly, a monstrous Pacific wave washes over your car.  At first you are worried about being washed out to sea and then you realize.  You’re not under a wave of salt water.  You’re under a dense wave of salt air, AKA, fog.

You can’t see a thing and you gingerly pull your car over to the shoulder of the road and roll to a stop.  You can’t just go to San Luis Obispo!  You have to be in the know if you are to get there.

Yes, you have the goal of getting to the Madonna Inn tonight for one or two of their special cocktails; a fabulous meal; and a night in one of their amazing themed rooms.

The problem is you can’t see yourself getting there because you can’t see your way there!

Here’s the good news.  You will ultimately succeed in getting there because you know where you are going.  Yes, in this case, the fog may delay you.  But, that is all it will do because you have a clear goal in mind and a roadmap for getting there.

You know what!  Your life is just like that drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.

It is can be filled with magnificent vistas and delightful stops along the way.  The key is you have to have a clear goal in mind at all times to keep you on the path toward succeeding because there will be obstacles to disorient you.

Success is a vision before it becomes a journey.  You clearly see where you want to go and you don’t let the fog of confusion get in your way.

You may be delayed but the journey always continues until the satisfaction of achieving the goal is realized.

Oh…yes, you did make it to the Madonna Inn and had a fabulous stay!  ☺

goal-976853_1920As the title says:  You can’t just go…you have to be in the know.  What is the first goal you want to know so you can start to go?

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