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You Can’t Realize Your Potential Just Through Target Practice

b2ap3_thumbnail_00448374From the time I was a young boy and into my mid-twenties, I hunted and fished the wilds of my home state of Montana.  It was what was expected.  It was part of my heritage of growing up on a wheat and cattle ranch.  At the time it was a good time!

I had all the gear including every description of fishing tackle and a few different guns for the hunting part of my escapades.   As to hunting, I was most enthusiastic about big game…elk, moose, deer.  For that type of hunting I used a 30.06 rifle.  No shotguns for me when hunting big game in Montana.  I needed the power and distance a rifle could provide.

It was always exciting every fall around the first of October when my thoughts would turn to the potential of the upcoming hunting season for my favorite game.  I’d pull my rifle out of its gun case and polish the wooden stock.  I’d spend copious amounts of time cleaning and lubricating the rifle barrel to remove the accumulated dust from months of storage.  Then I’d do the most important preparatory thing, if I were going to have a successful season…I would target practice.

No matter how carefully I stored my rifle at the end of the previous season it always needed to be “sighted-in,” as we called it, before setting out on the first hunt of the new season.  Since I had no idea at what distances I would have to take a shot at a particular animal, the practice always involved shooting at targets from several hundred yards to fewer than 100 yards.  If I didn’t conduct that practice at various target distances, I would have much less of an idea of how to reach my potential for having a successful hunt.

A successful hunt would be my bringing home the legal limit of whatever game I was hunting.  As an aside, the meat was never wasted.  It always served to feed us for several months to come.  So, it was important to achieve my hunting potential but that could only happen by using the confidence gained from my target practice and going out and actually applying what I learned through that practice.

And, so it is regardless of how you define success in your life.  You have to know, first, what your goals are and be excited about those goals.  Next, you have to calculate the various distances to those goals and target practice by visualizing reaching those goals.  But, practice doesn’t realize potential.   You have put in place and execute on your goal hunting plan.

In summary, you can’t realize your potential just through target practice.

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