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You Can’t Relate Can’t Be Your Fate

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0402034_20131215-203711_1You feel like you’re lost at sea and nobody cares that you’re missing.  Not a soul has sent out an SOS in an effort to get the search for you underway.  It seems as if you will drift into a solitary existence that could go on forever.  What a terrible fate!

People who don’t relate well to other people whether personally or in business are resigned to such a fate.  Human beings are characteristically a gregarious species.  We have gathered in social groups for eons as a source of safety and social connection.  People who become isolated from that pattern usually end up that way because they don’t work at the necessary social skills.  In other words, they don’t relate to other people in a sociable way…that can’t be your fate!  As I said, that would be a terrible fate!  The wonders of life are best enjoyed through the sharing of experiences with other people.

First, get over yourself.  Life isn’t just about you!  It’s about all of us joining together in a common experience and shared responsibilities.  That being the case people want to know that you care about them before they can enthusiastically care about you.  Step out of yourself and recognize the impact you have on other people even before impacting them.  Taking that approach allows you the sensitivity to manage yourself to the benefit of others and therefore to yourself.  It’s the old truism:  Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

When you relate to other people with their needs in mind, they sense that and come to you with your needs in mind.  There is, as a result, a whole new level of interaction that is more sociable and fulfilling in terms of all party’s needs.  You won’t find yourself lost on a sea of solitary existence because people will want to come and find you.  What a wonderful fate!

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