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You Do Not Have to Give Up to Let Go

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0402547My bet is you’ve seen at least one article or read a study recently concerning the damaging effects of overworking and the related stress it creates. Another bet is you have felt that overwhelming burden of not seemingly being able to get off the work treadmill.  Things just keep piling up and you keep trying to get ahead of it all while having a growing feeling of mental and physical exhaustion.  Regardless, you keep trying even in the face of the facts you know about the damage you are doing to yourself.  But…you believe those facts are about everybody else.  They don’t apply to you.

Here’s the deal!  Those facts about overwork and stress DO apply to you and it is up to you to accept that fact and do something about the situation.  On the other hand, you are convinced that if you let go, even a little, you will be giving up.  Well, it depends upon the attitude you take when letting go.

You can let go in the form of total surrender to the exhaustion or, in other words, give up.  Or, you can let go with the attitude that you will recharge your batteries, so to speak, and come back even stronger.  The latter illustration of an attitude to take is a clear example of letting go but not giving up. 

So, when you are overwhelmed to the point of mental and physical fatigue create a strategy for taking a little time for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be days or weeks of time for you.  Sometimes just a few hours away from the grind can totally change your state of mind and rejuvenate you.  It depends on what you do with the “self-time” not the amount of time you take.

When you decide to let go for some period of time, force yourself to unplug from any thoughts about work or whatever is exhausting you.  Focus on something that will make you detach.  It could be a walk in the park; enjoying some music; reading a book or whatever it is that makes it easier for you to totally detach.  Whatever the form of detachment, the deeper the passion you have for it the easier it is to let go.

Think…I’m going to temporarily let go so I don’t become so damaged that I am forced to give up.

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