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You Know What?

If you imply that you know when you don’t know, the person to whom you are communicating will know that you don’t know, regardless of your misplaced sense of getting away with a deception. This is a direct confirmation of the old TV ad which stated, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” In this case, Mother Nature, is people’s intuition. The vast majority of people will know when you are blowing smoke.

Your credibility is totally dependent on conducting yourself with integrity in all interactions with your family, friends, colleagues and the world, in general. Why take even the slightest risk of destroying that credibility. The reality is once credibility is destroyed–usually in an instant of weakness–its reinstatement takes years, if ever. History is loaded with examples of destroyed lives in this regard. Don’t let yours be one of those.

Recognize that sincerity and trust are the foundations to credible and powerful relationships. When you know that and you know you know it, people will know it about you too. They will be drawn to you just as powerfully as the ocean tides are drawn to and from the shore by the forces of Mother Nature. You know what…that’s the truth!

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