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You Need the Three P’s to Achieve the Q

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900430707It always seems to be more effective and efficient to reduce any idea down to the simplest level or terms.  When things get too complicated it is so much easier to not even try to understand them let alone remember them.  Simple formulas deliver complex and meaningful results.  And, so it is with the idea of living a ”quality” life filled with all the success you may desire.

The concept of quality can be vague sometimes.  Here, I’m talking about quality representing a high level of value or excellence.  Using that representation as a basis, the concept of quality could be expanded to include how good or bad something is or a characteristic that someone or something has.  The bottom-line is the concept of quality is all good and if you could live your life to that level it, too, would be all good.

So, that brings us to the three P’s it takes to living a quality life.  First, if you don’t have a “purpose,” you don’t have clear focus.  Your focus can only be clear when the goal is clear.  Furthermore, that goal must be deeply and emotionally connected to you.  It is through that deep, emotional connection that your purpose for achieving the goal can be a driving force behind the quality of the effort you put forth.  A quality life is impossible without a quality, purposeful effort.

Quality can only be achieved when there is also a clear and present focus on what it looks like.  Through defining your purpose the characteristics of your objective take shape.  But, you need even more “perspective” in order to create a quality life.  Perspective on what a quality life takes comes through a well-defined plan.  Quality is never random.  It always comes from a step-by-step, detailed process with built-in redundancies. 

Finally, while purpose and perspective are critical to you creating quality in your life, they will be useless in the face of a lack of “persistence.”  Purpose gives you the vision.  Perspective gives you the direction.  But, persistence is necessary to realize the potential of your purpose and perspective.  Quality is never a simple, straight-line achievement.  It always involves unexpected complexity introduced by twists and turns along the pathway of pursuit that require your persistence to navigate them.

Seek your purpose; develop your perspective; steel your persistence and a quality life in inevitable. 

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