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You Need to Take Charge of Tomorrow by Leveraging Today

Ever play with a top?  I can remember when I was a little kid all the rage on the playground was spinning a wooden top.

The memories of winding about a 2-3 foot string very precisely around the top are still vivid.

Of course, it wasn’t winding the string that was the big deal.  The big deal was going through the correct arm and wrist motions to throw the top into spinning on the playground surface.

It was always amazing and exciting when I accomplished the perfect release and the top seemed to spin forever!

However, the top always moved around from where it first contacted the playground.  It was like it was confused and didn’t really know where to go.

You can end up in a similar situation if you throw yourself out there and get to spinning in total confusion.  You can’t do that and expect to feel in control of today let alone tomorrow.

The following video gives you some ideas of how to spin your days into control so you won’t have a topsy-turvy tomorrow.

What specifically are you going to do to leverage today so you can take better charge of tomorrow?

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