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You or Me?

b2ap3_thumbnail_00443035I’m really not asking the question in the way you might think.  Quite to the contrary, it has nothing to do with the “me” and everything to do with the “you.”

Have you ever struggled with the value you see in your own identity…in who you are as a person?  Lots of people do but that doesn’t make it a good thing.  In fact, in relation to living a fulfilling life, it is definitely a bad thing.  Give yourself some credit for your uniqueness!  Others aren’t better than you just because they’re them and you are you!

Let’s put a scientific spin on this topic that may help you see more clearly your unique worth to the rest of the world.  Scientists have estimated the physiological odds at any one of being born at 2,240,000,000,000 to 1.  By the way, that bigger number is in trillions!

So, what do those odds mean in relative terms?  Well, think of it this way.  You could make over 12,000 round trips to the sun, if you were going to travel 2,240 trillion miles.  Last I was aware nobody on earth has ever made even one round trip to the sun.  In fact, we’ve made less than 10 manned round trips to the moon.  In short, it would be a miracle to make even one trip to the sun.

Get my point?  You are a living breathing miracle!  So am I but what makes each of us our own personal miracle is you are you (and, there’s only one) and I am me.  So, you see there really shouldn’t be any question about you or me.

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