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You Require Options to Have a Choice

b2ap3_thumbnail_Drawing-StrawsSuccess is never about accomplishing only one thing.  It is about persevering through a multiplicity of challenges and the result is something you define as success, in general.  The only way you can meet all the challenges that are thrown at you is to create options that allow you to make better choices to assure your success.

Choice is an interesting word when you think about it.  I’m thinking about choice as the opportunity to make some kind of decision.  Choice, therefore, can be very powerful.  Let’s face it the act of deciding between two or more possibilities can be very weighty.

Here’s an interesting additional point…those possibilities are synonymous with the word, options.  Here again in the context to which I am referring options are synonymous with the opportunity or ability to choose something or to choose between two or more things.  Interesting…sound familiar?

Result…you can’t make a choice if you don’t have options.  By definition, choice can only occur when faced with two or more possibilities and possibilities are the same thing as options.  Your success will always be driven by the quality of the choices you make.  And, the quality of your choices is only as good as the options you have sought out from which to choose.

Here’s what you need to learn and do from all this.  Never make a decision only based on having one option!  When it comes to making good, solid decisions you will always find safety in numbers.

Thanks for making the choice to read this blog and hopefully it’s given you options you hadn’t thought about.

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