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You See to Have a Chance You Must Make Right Choices

I really dislike using the word, loser, about any human being.  It’s so denigrating and horrifically negative.  However, there is one example portrayed in one of the great movies of all time that allows me to not feel so bad about it!

The character’s name was “Fast Eddie” Felson in the classic movie, The Hustler.  The movie garnered something like 8 or 9 Oscar nominations after its release in 1961.

So, why go back over 50 years to make my point?

Well, Felson literally personifies the idea of being a loser.  Even though he is a very talented pool player his ultimate success at the game was never realized.

His arrogance, for one thing, allowed him to make choices that left too much to chance.  Over the course of the movie he goes from challenging the very top of his game to becoming an utter loser in life.

The very same thing can happen to you!

Trust me!  You don’t want to have outcomes in your life like “Fast Eddie” did.

As I said, he is the perfect metaphor for defining the word, loser.

In the following video, I describe three steps you can take to avoid becoming your own version of a loser.

Three Steps to You Eliminating Chance and Creating Choice

What are you going to do to avoid becoming your own version of “Fast Eddie” Felson?

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