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You Successfully Transitioning from Old Endings Leads to New Beginnings

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0436417There may be validity in the idea if something is old then it can’t be new…maybe. If you look at the idea of old and new from a purely literal definition, it would seem the two concepts are totally separated. Think about it…old is defined in one sense as “dating from the remote past.” On the other hand, new can be defined as “having recently come into existence.” Does that look like two different concepts to you?

It may but that has nothing to do with my point really. Yes, old and new may be perceived differently but they can evolve into each other. It’s the evolution from old to new and back to old again that is critical in living a life of accomplishment. As suggested by the title of this post, an ending in one phase of your life can lead to the beginning of a new phase. Ultimately, though, even the new phase begins to turn old.

Your challenge is to recognize the inevitability of change as driven by the old evolving into the new and vice versa. Your life is not a “stand still” event. It marches on and the last thing you should want is to be left behind. When you are left behind in the “old” of your life, you become old before your time. Look at your life with an attitude of constant renewal and “old” becomes inconsequential in negatively impacting it.

Maintain a constant vigil against getting too comfortable with the old things in your life…be they material or psychological. Force yourself to transition to something new when you feel “old” creeping in. It’s a discipline and not easy but its reward is constantly renewing horizons of invigorating challenge. b2ap3_thumbnail_j0436417.jpg

A life without a new horizon is an old life approaching sunset.

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