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You Will Not Find Success If You Do Not See Success

b2ap3_thumbnail_00438802The search is on!  You want something bad!  BUT…as suggested by the title of this post you won’t find it if you can’t see it.

That last comment might seem to be a contradiction that is hard to overcome.   Some people might even feel it doesn’t remotely make any sense.  Their point probably being that if you can see it why would you have to find it…you can see it already!  Pretty logical thinking, don’t you think?

Here’s the problem…too many people start their search for success without really knowing what it is for them.  They start down some path in life and try to define the route as they go.  My question:  What route to where?  The concept of a route suggests there is a beginning and an end.

It’s easy for all of us to see the beginning of a path to somewhere.  The thing that makes the path worthy of our time to take it is if it leads to something worthy of our effort…the objective…the goal…the end, however you want to define it.

Success is always defined before you get there.  The definition begins with some kind of wish for something.  As you ponder the something in the wish, it becomes clearer in your mind’s eye and you begin to dream about what it is going to feel like when you get there.  If you feel the objective of the dream with a deep, emotional connection, you begin to see the path of how to get there.  You see your success even before you get there.

The thing that drives that kind of vision of an objective is a passion for doing all that’s necessary to follow the path to it.  You can’t do that unless you see the objective with vivid clarity and emotional verve.

Again, I say, you will not find success if you do not see success.

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