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You Wish!

You wish it were different. You wish life wasn’t so hard. You wish for your greater success. You wish you had a better job. You wish you had more money. You wish you had more talent. You wish you had better relationships in your life. You wish you had a big, flat screen, high definition, TV. You wish you would win the lottery. You wish people would leave you alone. You wish people would talk to you. You wish there was less strife and misery in the world. In general, you wish this…you wish that!

You can’t wish your way to anything in life. You have to face your challenges with a resolve to learn how to overcome them and then do it. Nobody but nobody can do it for you. It’s a fact of life…quit wishing it was otherwise!

Someone once said, “Wishing consumes as much energy as planning.” Adding to that thought, it is as Rosalyn Sussman Yalow said: “We must believe in ourselves or no one else will believe in us; we must match our aspirations with the competence, courage and determination to succeed.”

By the sheer fact and force of your humanity, you can plan and then change things in your life and in this world. It is the miracle of your individual being that by default provides you “the competence, courage and determination to succeed.” I believe just as the light of a full moon pushes back the darkness and reveals a shimmering lake so each of us can push back the darkened boundaries of humankind through the light of our dreams.

Don’t wish…believe!

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