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Young At Any Age

Sounds like a desirable accomplishment…young at any age.  Can you see yourself in the state of perpetual youth regardless of your chronological age?  Most can’t but you can, if you want to.

There is no fountain of youth.  There is, however, a fountain of knowledge.  The irony is the fountain of knowledge is your key to finding your fountain of youth.  Yes it is!  Read on and then act on the information!

Your mind is your fountain of youth, if you keep it young.  I’m not just talking about being young in thought, here.  I’m talking about exercising and expanding the power of your mind through an ever growing infusion of knowledge into it.  The mind is so much like so many other things in our lives, i.e., use it or lose it.

A mind only being exercised with the information it already has is a mind only focused on the limits of the past.  A mind constantly stimulated with a growing body of information is a mind constantly regenerating itself for the future.

Youth isn’t about the past.  It’s about the future.  You can be mentally young in that future regardless of your age!

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