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Your Artistry

It’s amazing to me the number of people I see or meet on a daily basis who clearly don’t seem to connect with the impact they have on other people. It’s as if they live in a world of gray and they add to the effect. They don’t see themselves through their personal presence, actions and interactions as needing to add any color to the picture. Are they thinking, Take me as I am! I can take it!?

Well, frankly, I can’t take it because I believe each human being is entirely too important in being and potential contribution. I believe we should look at ourselves as master artists creating the portrait of our lives and painting them into an integral part of the landscape of our world. A world that is a masterpiece created from the legacy of the lives within it.

There could be many levels to what I am talking about here but I want to focus on just one today. It has to do with our personal presence. Our body language communicates the majority of the picture we are painting when we are communicating any message to another person. Facial expression, eye contact, body movement, gestures and posture provide the brushstrokes to give clarity, vibrancy, color and validity to the message we are painting.

People throughout the world in all walks of life have a common attraction to beautiful works of art. Make sure your artistry adds to their experience and sense of wonder.

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