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Your “Best” Bargain

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0387266_20130820-211943_1There is no bargain basement price to pay in achieving your highest level of success.  Self-actualization, in other words, doesn’t come cheap.  The only right price is your “best” price.

So, what am I saying, here?  Simply, if you want the best results out of your life, you must give your best at all times!  There can be no compromise in that regard.  Self-actualization comes at a high price but it’s a bargain when considering the total peace of mind you feel.

Let’s be clear…self-actualization, by one formal definition, is: “the achievement of one’s full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world.”  The definition generates a high definition picture of what self-actualization is and why it requires your “best” price in order to buy it.

Now, the important thing is for you to act on some key things that are included in the price of self-actualization.  There are a number of those things but one that seems extremely important to me is recognizing that enjoying the journey to your goals is just as fulfilling as actually reaching the goal.

Self-actualization’s biggest bargain may be a more rational ability to deal with your fear.  Fear becomes more of a catalyst to overcoming than a deterrent to achieving.  You develop an enthusiasm for the unknown, as a result.  Consequently, your vision expands to include a limitless horizon of opportunities that don’t seem overwhelming but give you energy for the pursuit.

With your characteristics refined as suggested by the above, your “best” bargain becomes your self-actualization.  Here’s to your best effort!

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