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Your Carrot

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dangling-CarrotBy now in the New Year you’re struggling with all those promises you made yourself just a few weeks ago.  They all seemed like such a good idea at the time.  I mean who wouldn’t want to discipline themselves more when it comes to using your credit cards excessively and then carrying a balance forward each month?  Or, who wouldn’t want to do what it takes to lose a few pounds?  Or, the biggy, who wouldn’t want to follow a well-designed exercise program to strengthen your ever weakening body?

Unfortunately, the answer to all those questions at this point may be you!  As the year begins to wear on and your resolve to live up to your promises to yourself begins to wane, more and more you’re falling off the wagon of commitment.  It’s just becoming too hard to stay on that wagon and do what you promised yourself you would do.

How tragic!  If the promises were good enough to make to yourself in the first place, they’re still good enough to live up to now.  It’s a matter of your focus.  When you made those promises, your focus on the outcomes of the promise was very intense.  Now, you’re allowing your focus to be more on the price of living up to the promise.  That is exactly why your enthusiasm and commitment are waning.

It isn’t the price on which you should focus, if you want to achieve something.  No…it is the reward.  It was the potential reward that got you excited in the first place…not the price to achieve it!

Metaphorically, if you like carrots, you don’t necessarily focus on the price to buy them.  You stand there in the vegetable department of your local grocery store looking at the carrots with your mouth salivating in anticipation of the first, crunchy bite.  Price be damned!  You grab the bunch of carrots hardly being able to wait to eat the first one and off you go toward the check-out register.

When you made those promises to yourself a few weeks ago, the potential outcomes were your carrots.  Focus on your bunch of carrots and dismiss the price!

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