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Your “Cover”

Ever judge a book by its cover? Think about that the next time you’re in front of someone to communicate an idea or to sell them something. Will they discard you the same way you did that book before you even read the synopsis?

The point is all the iterations of the various “Dress for Success” books over the years can be very helpful to your success. Your “cover,” if you will, is how you groom, dress and present yourself to other people. Don’t allow other people’s first impressions of you stop you dead in your tracks on your way to success. Rather wrap yourself in a cover that clearly communicates the fact of your success.

Just as important as wrapping yourself in a cover of success through proper grooming and dress is making sure people don’t view you as an “empty suit” because of your lack of some powerful communications skills. A couple of key communication skills, in particular, will help you present yourself more powerfully to people. First among those skills is having the confidence and substance to offer a ready smile to people. Think about it…every wonder why people don’t smile? Maybe it’s because you didn’t smile at them first. If you want people to appreciate your worth, then confirm their worth by giving them a big, wide, warm, toothy smile!

The warmth of your smile can communicate the humanity of your soul to other people. Adding a warm, direct look into their eyes increases your personal power exponentially. After all our eyes were made to communicate with people not the wall behind them. Make no mistake about it! Your eyes are the window to what’s in your heart.

So, think about those many books you’ve tossed aside over the years just because you weren’t attracted to their covers. Make sure your “cover” pulls people into the story you want to tell them.

I help people and organizations Profit Through Performance. As a speaker, trainer and business consultant/coach, my areas of expertise to help drive improved performance are Success Principles; Leadership, Presentation, Sales/Communication Skills; and Strategic Planning/Problem Resolution.

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