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Your Drift Status

For those of us around in the early 70’s and before, the title of this post may have gotten your attention.  Those were the days when the military draft existed.  We all had these numbers that told us our status as it related to our potential for being drafted into the military.  If you had a low number, you were toast, so to speak.

It didn’t make any difference, usually, as to what you were doing at the moment.  If you got your draft notice you were to put everything else on hold and march off to your new opportunity in some branch of the military.  On the other hand, many people looked for any loophole that might allow them a deferral from military service, at least in the immediate future.  One such opportunity was being enrolled in college.

Here’s the point.  If you were going to avoid being drafted you had to being doing something specific, and as perceived by the powers that be at the time, something useful and worthwhile.  In short, you couldn’t be drifting through your life and avoid the draft.

Well, the extension of that fact is you can’t drift through life and avoid the down-draft to mediocrity.  I ask you, What is your drift status?  Are you allowing yourself to just drift along with the current of life?  Or, are you pulling yourself through that current making a few waves on your way to the shoreline of success.

You can’t just drift and be guaranteed reaching a successful conclusion at the end of your journey.  Drifting is leaving things up to chance.  Chance doesn’t allow for choice and your success is always about your choices and not about some chance happening.

If your current status is one of drifting aimlessly down the river of life, choose to change course.  Choose to pick where you’re going to come ashore.  Don’t allow your drift to take you over the falls of failure!

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