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Your Engine

All right.  It’s time to get clear on what it’s going to take for you to realize your dreams and goals.  It’s…no excuses…just do it…time.

Your key is to know the source of the power to drive the engine of your train to the depot of your success.  The source of that power, in my opinion, is not that complicated.  It has been the source for all the time that people have studied what motivates humans to higher performance.  The source is not a wishing well!  It’s much deeper than that and very accessible.

To get your mind and heart in the game of driving your train to success in life, requires you to fire up the engine of your attitude.  You do that my igniting the fire in depths of your soul with the fuel of your dreams.  You do THAT by only stoking the boiler with dreams to which you have a deep emotional connection.  No emotion…no fuel.  No fuel…no fire.  No fire…no engine.  No engine…no success.

Ladies and Gentlemen:  “Start your engines!”

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