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Your Fortune

Don’t you just love the idea of accumulating a fortune in life?  I mean, how could it get any better?  You go through life accumulating a fortune and all that it can buy you.  What a wonderful outcome!

Outcomes come from what you become.  The more you are…the more you accumulate.  This is true in every facet of your life.

Now, let’s put some perspective on all this talk about fortune.  Your fortune can be measured in more ways than material wealth.  Sure, material wealth allows for a lot of options in life that otherwise would not exist.  On the other hand, you can accumulate a fortune in knowledge, skills, outlook on life, family, friends, spirituality and on and on.  Your fortune is as you define it not as defined by society, at large.

Here’s the challenge…regardless of how you define your fortune, it always requires one, consistent factor.  Yes, you must define it clearly.  You must plan for it in detail.  You must act on every detail of your plan and adapt as needed.  Those are all critical factors to accumulating your fortune in life.

But, the overriding factor to accumulating a fortune in your life is…preparing your mind.  Your fortune is in your mind before it is in your heart and becomes a reality in your life.

There’s an old saying:  “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”  And, so it is with accumulating your fortune!

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