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Your Genius Is In Your Generosity

The word might seem a bit overwhelming, if you think about it too much.  Genius…It does have a ring of intimidation about it.  I mean, how can we mortals deal with a genius?  We’re just normal folks with normal capacity and trying to make it in life.  Genius’s we’re not!

I beg to differ with that thinking.  Every one of us is a genius in some way.  The problem is we may not recognize it and therefore the world isn’t aware of it either.  Why should it be if you aren’t?  Genius is in the eye of the beholder.  But, somebody can’t behold something they can’t see.  It’s our individual responsibility to identify our individual genius and then through our generosity share it with the rest of the world.
b2ap3_thumbnail_00444203_20131222-163428_1Of course, you might be thinking, Hell, I’m not a genius!  My answer to you would be you have an exceptional natural ability at something.  And, because it is you who have the ability no one else has it in the exact same way you do and it is your responsibility, therefore, to share it with the rest of us for the benefit of all of us.

You are unique in the world and therefore that uniqueness makes you a genius to the rest of us.  However, again I say, your genius is in your generosity. Mankind has survived because individuals were willing to generously contribute their unique perspective on things.  Be generous with your genius.  Our very survival depends on it!

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