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Your Guide

Hey…from time to time we all need one.  A great example would be you want to go on a safari in deepest Africa.  There’s no doubt, assuming you have no experience, that a guide is going to serve you very well.  Fact is you traipsing around deepest Africa not knowing what you’re doing could get you into deep trouble.  That’s just one example of the value a guide can deliver to you and there are thousands more examples.  Let’s take a look at just one.

You’re at some crossroads in your life.  Could be anything but lets say you’re trying to make a decision as to whether you should continue pursuing a particular goal that you have.  You’re so confused and undecided that you’re stressed-out to the point you’re losing sleep over the situation.  You know what that feels like…it’s miserable!

On the other hand, if you’re truly going to have a fulfilling life it’s inevitable that those kinds of situations will occur.  Here’s the key…it’s what you do to overcome the confusion and make a decision and move on toward the goal.  But, you say to yourself something like, Geez, it sure would help if I had somebody to guide me through this mind field of pitfalls and indecision.

Here’s the news!  You do have someone.  You always have someone and he or she is, in most cases, the best someone because he or she always has your best interests and welfare close to the heart.  That someone is you!  Your guide of choice in your life should be you.  You know in your gut what’s best.  Someone else will never feel it as viscerally as you do from your own gut.

Yes, there will be numerous times in your life when you can benefit from the guidance of others.  But, in the final analysis YOU have to be your guide, in most cases.  I quote Jane Austen:  “We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.”

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