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Your Heart’s Desire

I find it intriguing that the journey to self-actualization or, to put that another way, reaching our potential can get so convoluted.  It can become so confusing that we feel we’re in a maze to nowhere rather than a journey to somewhere.

Why is that the case for so many of us?

I think the answer lies in the stars.  Now, you have to admit that’s an intriguing comment!  But, I am serious.  Serious in the sense of the stars being part of the energy of the universe.  And, if you are successful at aligning the stars properly, you can power your own spaceship through the universe to whatever it is that you want.

Here’s the key thought in that previous paragraph:  “if you are successful at aligning the stars properly.”  You can’t align anything in your favor, let alone the stars, unless you have a clear trajectory to where you want to land.  There is only one way to plot such a trajectory.  It is through your heart’s desire.

Your heart’s desire is defined as something you truly, unequivocally, absolutely want.  When you have that level of desire the power of the universe is harnessed not only to launch you toward but sustain your journey to that end.

To guarantee you will achieve what you want, it’s up to you to make it your heart’s desire.  Your heart’s desire depth of desire is driven by an emotional attachment to your objective.  That’s the only way.  If you truly want it, you have to truly love it!

Look into your heart for what you desire and reach for the stars.

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