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Your Honor

Okay, let’s go off on what seems to be a tangent, at least as it relates to the title of this post.  To do that, I have a question for you.  Do you trust your perception of people or the circumstances around you?

Here’s why your answer to that question is so important.  The fact is your perception should be the reality.  In other words, your skill at objectivity should be so honed that you are not looking at people or things with the proverbial rose colored glasses on.  It’s your perception!  Make it the best you can so you can react to people or circumstances in totally accurate and appropriate ways.

Another point about this whole discussion.  With objectivity, emotions don’t cloud things as much and you can better use your innate intelligence to deal with things.  If you react to people and circumstances with intelligence, your perception will be on the mark and reactions appropriate.

But, here’s the challenge.  The key to making your perception truly the reality more often is objectivity, as I said previously.  So, how do you wring emotions out of your perception and drive objectivity.  In short, don’t react…enact.  Enact a highly developed skill for listening with both your eyes and ears to what is going on around you.  If you listen with clear and absolute focus, your perception will bring into “high definition” the actual picture of the situation or the people.

With a high definition picture, honor your perception.  It makes dealing with people and circumstances so much simpler.  Bet you thought I would never get around to the relevance of the title for these thoughts.

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