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Your Life Depends on It!

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900309621Heard that before, right?  Well, don’t be too tense because I’m not talking about some complex medical surgery or whatever. However, what I am talking about truly is an important cog in the cogwheels of your life.

You might be wondering why I use an analogy of life to cogwheels.  It’s simply that life is a series of beginning and concluding events just as a cogwheel plays a part in a successive progression of force from one wheel to another.  The cogwheel’s ultimate purpose is to deliver something to some destination or form of completion.  Isn’t that what life is in a way?

So, of all the cogs in all the cogwheels of your life there is one cog on which the quality of your life depends.  It’s the cog that keeps all the action and force of moment between cogwheels going.  Break this cog and you break the progression of movement toward a desired destination or result.  It’s the cog that is labeled your attitude!

Everything you deal with in life no matter how small or large is directly impacted by the attitude you take.  Everything else in life can somehow be compensated for in some way, if your attitude cog is properly in place.

You maintain a positive attitude through believing in yourself, constantly developing your knowledge and skills while putting forth your best effort at all times.

Your life depends on it!  Attitude is everything!

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