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Your Life Has Unique Meaning or You Would Not Exist

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0437181Before we go any further I’m reminded of a statement one of my high school English teachers once made in class one day.  She said there is no such thing as “very unique.”  She went on to explain her position by observing unique, by its very definition, is only one thing.  There are no degrees of unique.  It is what it is.  One dictionary would give its meaning as “something or someone is unlike anything or anyone else; very special or unusual; belonging to or connected with only one particular thing, place, or person.”

It is important for you to understand the distinctions made in the previous paragraph.  The information should confirm for you the power of the life that courses through you.  As the definition for unique states you are someone who is unlike anyone else and therefore your life has unique meaning.  What you bring to this world is one particular thing that is unique to the arrangement of your genes.  You and therefore the meaning of your life is very special and unusual.

It is that uniqueness that creates your very existence.  Other people and their opinions have no right or privilege that should make them feel like they can sit in judgment of you and therefore the meaning of your life.  Lil’ ol’ you defines that meaning at all times; in all ways; and in all places.

Use your unique life experiences and perspective to help others broaden their view of the world around them.  It will be a better world for it and you do not have to sacrifice your uniqueness to do it. Remember a statistic I have shared in some previous blog posts.  Scientists have estimated the physiological odds of any one of us being born and 2,240 trillion to one.

Yes, you exist because you bring unique meaning to the rest of us.

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