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Your Life Is a Compelling Comedy Drama and You Are Its Leading Star

b2ap3_thumbnail_masks-308614_1280So you say you have never taken acting lessons or participated in an “improv” comedy workshop.  Well, most of us haven’t but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a starring role in life.  You are the lead actor or act in your life.  There are no adequate stand-ins for you!  You have to be prepared to do your own stunts!  These facts pose a challenge to you but not one that is insurmountable.

Let’s take a look at the big picture of what I’m talking about.  First take the concept of compelling.  When something is compelling it is powerful and irresistible.  You just can’t avoid that which is compelling.  Isn’t that your life…powerful, irresistible?

Another concept of importance here is that of the idea of comedy.  A comedy, in whatever form is meant to make people laugh.  Comedy always finds the funny or amusing part of something.  Isn’t that your life…makes you laugh, funny, amusing?

Finally, consider the idea of drama.  The essence of drama is about a serious subject.  In other words, a drama isn’t meant to make you laugh.  Isn’t that your life…serious, not funny?

In fact, your life is a compelling comedy drama and you are its leading star!  Train yourself to act your way through the unfunny, serious stuff.  Let yourself go and practice understanding the value of the amusing parts of your life.  Laugh at the whole experience and enjoy the reward of being a star in your own production.

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