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Your Lucky Day!

You think not?  You’re not of a mind to believe this is your lucky day?  Your sense of the day is it’s just another day in wherever and you’re not that happy about it.  One day passes and then another and another.  Life goes on, you say to yourself.

Well, I say wake up!  Life does not necessarily go on.  The point is you can’t make time but you can make a life out of the time you have.  The question is the amount of time left in your life.  To put it crudely, you ain’t got no answer for that one.  No human being truly knows how much time they have to make the most out of their life .

A better way of thinking about your life and making the most of it is to consider each new day as your lucky day.  Let’s put it in the words of the ancient Roman philosopher and drama critic, Horace, who said:  ”


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth. And set down as gain each day that Fortune grants.”

Now, wasn’t it lucky you read this blog today?  Today is a lucky one because it’s yours!

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