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Your Own Eyes

Here you are on your journey through life.  Seeking new experiences and opportunities while also trying to keep what you’ve gained or learned so far.

First, it’s hard to hang onto that which you have.  On the other hand, some things you have acquired during your life shouldn’t be held onto.  The trick is only holding onto those things from your past that can give you leverage in your future.

Secondly, while those things from your past that can be leveraged for your future growth are valuable, they are not the total answer to that growth.  You’ve got to reach out and seek new experiences and opportunities.  But, here’s the challenge for too many people.  They think it’s about seeking new territory, so to speak.  When in fact it’s more about what you see through your own eyes.

Change what you see through your own eyes and you change the territories you can explore to gain new perspective, experiences and opportunities.  When you truly see the big picture through your own eyes, you change the view of the world around you.  It’s making that change that will lead you to your greatest potential in life.

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