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Your Past Leads to Your Present Your Present Leads to Your Future

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401410I know!  The title of this post seems to suggest a flash of the blindingly obvious!  My experience, however, is far too many people don’t pay enough attention to the relationship of the various times in their life.  They wander through the malaise of their life in almost a total fog.  It’s the old cliché…things happened to them so fast they wonder what happened rather than making things happen.

Your life is far too short to be spending any significant amount of time wondering what happened.  Frankly what happened should be imminently clear to you.  It is the sum of the cumulative events in your past.  The sum of those events brings you to the present.

Your focus should be on maximizing your present because you can’t do anything to change your past.  Learn from it and move on!  Use the experiences of your past as leverage in your present.  Don’t use those same experiences as an anchor to making progress in your present.  I said it in a recent post but I will say it again here.  The past is valuable as a guidepost but dangerous if used as a hitching post!

Now, here’s the mega-point of this discussion.  Your future will come regardless of what you have done in your past.  The critical point of any control that you can have of your future is what you do in your present.  Focus on now and your future will take care of itself.  It’s out there but now is right here.

It is as stated in a tweet I saw on Twitter recently.  “Worry is nothing more than the misuse of your imagination.”  Don’t worry about your future…act on and enjoy the opportunities of your present.

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