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Your Positive Attitude Requires a Keyword Characteristic

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0387767Literally millions of words and thousands of books have been written concerning the power and benefits of maintaining a positive attitude in your life.  I could link you to a few of the best titles but then I’d be making choices for you which may not be appropriate for your situation.  Suffice it to say, if you Google “positive mental attitude” the results will be over six million.  The first book listed on the first page of your search will be one written by Napoleon Hill.  That is probably as it should because many people would consider him the first and best expert on the topic.

However, if you are challenged by trying to maintain a positive outlook on your life and goals, I don’t believe it takes an entire book to solve the problem.  Rather, I see the solution in the form of one hyphenated word and a related practice.  There is no doubt in my mind if you were to choose to live by what the word requires and perform the practice on a daily basis, your negative attitude would not be what stands between you and a life lived well.

The keyword characteristic you must constantly exhibit to maintain a positive mental attitude is self-discipline.  I know…it seems so obvious…so simple…yet, very hard to do!  But, if you could exercise self-discipline in all aspects of your life it would be transformative in every way.  Why?  Well, by definition self-discipline is your ability to control your feelings and overcome your weaknesses.

One way to keep up your motivation to exercise self-discipline is to perform a daily practice to which I alluded earlier.  The practice is referred to as positive affirmation.  Using one or more positive affirmations throughout the day keeps your focus where it needs to be and your self-discipline at a high level.

One example of a relevant positive affirmation would be:  At all times I will discipline myself to look for ways to achieve positive outcomes even in the face of the most negative of circumstances.  Stating that positive affirmation at the beginning, middle and end of each day will help to reinforce your thinking to the positive.

Affirm today you will self-discipline yourself to a positive outcome in all that you do, have or be.

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