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Your Powerfully Personal Relationships Lead You Successfully to Five Years Hence

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP910216391Wow!  That was a mouthful…the title of this post, that is!  However, it is very much by design because the thought conveyed is absolutely true.  The point is if you think you are going to successfully live your future without the help of others, you are headed for major disappointment.

While you have individual accountability for what you become, it will all come down to the intellectual stimulation you receive from reading a variety of publications; the people you meet and develop relationships with; and what you do with all the information you gain from both sources.  In other words, you cannot live in a vacuum and expect to gain all the knowledge and skills you need to become all you can be.

As Hillary Clinton titled one of her books, It Takes a Village, and that is exactly the point as it relates to you achieving the success you desire.  So, set your course in terms of your vision of where and what you want to be in five years; what you want to be doing; and what you want to have.  Make that vision one of high definition so you have absolute clarity of purpose.

Build a plan for what you are going to read and study that can help you reach that vision.  Devote a minimum of one hour per day reading those publications.  Pull from that reading one relevant idea and begin taking action on it that very day.

Build your personal relationships into a powerful brain trust that can help guide you to your vision.  There is an old truism about the power of learning from other people.  “Training accelerates experience.”  The philosophy behind that thought is you can spend years learning on your own about new concepts and applying them.  Or…you get the help of other people and gain from their broader perspective and accomplish something in weeks or months that otherwise might take years.

In summary, people and publications point the way to your ultimate potential.

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