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Your Relentless Pursuit of Improvement Is the Key to Improving

b2ap3_thumbnail_00345942You can look it up or you can take my word for it.  However, the bottom-line is the key to your greatest success in life is your willingness to practice the concept behind the Japanese word, Kaizen.  As I said, you can look it up but the origin of the word is from two Japanese words.  The first word whose meaning is built around the concept of change is kai.  The second word relates to the idea of getting better or getting good.  So, you could say the entire word, Kaizen, means to change for the better.  Now, in the title of this post I took some license with the meaning of Kaizen by adding the word, relentless.  My reasoning being is if you are to self-actualize, it won’t come as a single event of change.  It will come because you repeatedly changed over time as dictated by your needed improvements.

Kaizen implies improving in incremental steps rather than in one large leap.  Put the concept in this perspective.  When faced with an overwhelming project of some sort it is always easier to complete the project by thinking in bite-sized pieces rather than as a whole.  Doing little pieces of a big job is less overwhelming and serves to help you build momentum toward accomplishing the whole.  And, so it is with improving yourself to the ultimate level of self-actualization.  Relentless pursuit of tiny steps ultimately improves you by leaps and bounds.

Let’s summarize these ideas by using another Japanese word, Haiku.  Haiku is a lyrical approach to communicating a concept.  Traditionally it followed a theme around some aspect of nature.  The structure of a Haiku verse is not concerned with rhyming the verse but communicating the concept through three lines of verse with respective syllables of five, seven and five.

So, to summarize using Haiku:

You want to be all

You do not want to be less

Be relentless then

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