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Your Sharp Focus Is Clearly Functionally Necessary To the Picture of Your Future

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0428640_20131101-202014_1It’s funny how the future can appear so fuzzy even in the best of times.  It’s very hard to put in focus…there are so many things around us, including ourselves, that can impact it.  As a result, who can get a grip on it?  Well, you better since you’re going to spend the rest of your life there!

So, what are you to do?  How can you create a sharp focus in your life?  When is focus important?

The simple answer is that it is your future, as noted previously, so it is best that you design it to your advantage.  That isn’t a good final answer, however, for our purposes.  So, I turn to a prolific author in an effort to help you.  Michael Charles Messineo puts the whole topic in focus so well in the following poem.


Stay in focus on your goal, don’t let the outside win.
If your center tends to move, your focus surely spins.
One look back can’t change the past, but lets you twist the now.
March past doubters who are wrong, and show them closely how.

Interruptions come and go, distractions are the norm.
Stop and regroup, bend the course, create your special storm.
All around you moving slow, the influence looks real.
Marching forward stay ahead just break the rules then heal.

Most of what Messineo suggests in his verse is about the abounding influence of distractions that can pull you from any of your chosen courses of action. The only way those distractions influence your direction is if you don’t have the needed sharp focus on the future you want.  The good news is he gives you some clear advice as to how to maintain your focus.

To summarize, focus on your goals; stay centered; allow the lessons of the past to guide you in the future; deny doubters; don’t be surprised by the presence of distractions; accept them as not real; and stay the course.  Sounds functional and clear to me, how about you?

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