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Your Situation

Ever wonder why things in your life are the way they are? The probable answer is because the situation is you! In other words, you had a direct hand in creating the situation through your own mental images and effort.

If things are good, congratulate yourself and keep on keeping on. As the saying goes, if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you’ve always got. When things are going great that’s usually okay.

On the other hand, if things aren’t good, then it’s time to recreate your situation with new mental images and more disciplined effort to follow-through on the promises you made to yourself. I like the thought that you must work as hard as the person you dream to be.

The work has to come at both levels: 1. Your mental approach to things. 2. The disciplined effort you put forth to change/improve things in your life.

From your mental approach to life, you can’t think like a victim. Victims don’t control their circumstances, usually. It takes will power to force yourself from victim mode as to your situation in life. Don’t give in! Force yourself to face your issues and tell yourself (over and over) you will do what it takes to make your situation what you would prefer it to be.

Then, comes the need for the disciplined effort (I mentioned above) to follow-through on what you said you needed to do. It means you must develop a detailed plan of action and then execute on every detail.

In summary, your situation shouldn’t be one where you are spending too much time wondering why. It should be situation you helped create and don’t want to deny.

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