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Your Spirit Moves You to Success

b2ap3_thumbnail_00425160_20131121-213156_1Okay!  Okay!  I am not talking about something ghostly, here!  No, I want to help you confirm for yourself that your spirit, as I define it here, is the key to realizing anything you ever want to be, do or have.  Let’s take a look at what I mean.

As I said, when I refer to your spirit I’m really not referring to anything supernatural.  Sure there is that aspect of your spirit that some believe departs your body upon your death.  On the other hand, there is the idea of your spirit as it defines the essential nature of you as a person.  Your spirit can define your inclinations or tendencies.  For example, it can drive your mood or emotional state into one of vigor and animation.

Your essence is your spirit.  Your essence (spirit) is the most important ingredient or crucial element to who you are and what you can be.  Here’s the kicker.  Your spirit is as much a part of you as is any anatomical aspect of you.  While you can’t control the anatomical aspects of you because of genetics, you can control the intrinsic, indispensable properties of your spirit.  Those properties are not created for you.  You have the power to create them for yourself.

The bottom-line is if you will constantly work on changing your spirit you will change your life.  Now, you might be saying something like:   Okay!   I get it but how do I change the intrinsic nature of my spirit?

Step one is to make the decision that you deeply want to be more of who you can be.  You must have a deep, emotional connection to this desire.

Step two is to clearly define your vision of what you want.

When you have a deep, emotional connection to your vision of what you want, the intrinsic nature of your spirit will lift you toward it.  Your spirit will positively engage with a new level of vigor.  Success will be yours because your spirit moved you.  Nothing mystical will have happened.  You just made a powerful decision and acted on it.

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