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Your Time

If you were a second in time, would you want it to end? Very few of us would answer that question with a yes. The presumption being that with the end of time comes the end of life. At least the empirical evidence would reinforce that fact. So, as long as time is marching along it seems logical that each of us is better off marching along with it.

Being an active participant in the parade of life, however, requires a certain attitude. An attitude that reinforces life’s potential rather than only its price. People who dwell on its price tend to have the mentality of the old cliche, “The glass is half empty.” They don’t think about life as a glass that is half full and through their individual belief and effort can create a glass that “runneth” over. Thus, their time slips away in a foment of negativity.

If you were a second in time, would you want to just slip away in a foment of negativity? Even with all the negativity buffeting our world today, I think you should take a longer term view that allows you to believe that “This, too, shall pass.”

I prefer to believe we all live in a wonderful time regardless of the current circumstances of that time. I further believe there is no better time because this is, for each of us, our time.

It is your time! Don’t let any second end without your best effort.

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