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Your Unique Mind Is Your Unique Genius

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442473It’s easy to think you’re an insignificant part of the human rat race!  I mean…there are over seven billion people teeming in almost every corner of the earth.  How can you become a truly significant part of the world when there is such a mob of people to contend with?  Tough question no doubt…However, I believe the answer to be relatively easy.

First, let’s consider the word, unique, for a moment.  Unique is defined as when something or someone is unlike anything or anyone else.  In other words, when something or someone is unique, it or someone is very special and unusual.  That, my friend, fits you to exactness.  In this entire world, there is no one else exactly like you!

Oh, there are similarities to be sure.  Take your mind versus all others, for example.  The human brain consists of approximately 100 billion nerve cells and, on average, weighs about 1300 to 1400 grams.  There is nothing unique about your mind in regard to those general averages for the human brain.  It is what it is.  We all have those same general characteristics.

What makes you special and, therefore, unique is the way you apply your brain’s cells.  As with your physical characteristics where no one else in the world looks exactly like you, no one else in the world can think exactly like you.  The overall process may be the same, generally, but the outcome of your individual thinking will be arrived at in your unique way.  It is that uniqueness that gives you your unique genius.

Because no one else in the world arrives at exactly the same thoughtful conclusions as you; every time you reach one of your own conclusions about something you are contributing your unique genius to the rest of the world.  Yours is a one of a kind genius that if applied deserves to be honored and cherished by all.

Exercise your unique genius and share the power of your mind with the rest of us.

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