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Your View

Many of us covet a stunning view from our home.  It’s one of those things that can drive us to levels of success we might not have striven for without that energizing force.  You know what I’m talking about!  One of those vistas from the window of your home that people would… figuratively, of course… kill for.  A view off into acres of teeming woods.  Or, one that offers unfettered vistas of the sea or mountains.  Or, how about being able to look down on the wonder of Central Park in New York City.  Whatever!

Here’s the challenge for you in achieving “your view” of a lifetime.  It has to do with your view on your life.  Your view on the direction your life is taking is only as good as the clarity of the path you have defined.  The pathway to “your view” must be planned.  You can’t meander through life hoping you will stumble upon “your view.”

Planning takes self discipline and effort.  The only way you are driven to suffer the pain of planning is through a deep emotion driving you toward what you want.  Planning without emotion is wishing.  Wishing never delivers “your view.”  It results in your window to the world being bricked up.

In other words, emotion connected to the desire to have “your view” will help you create a plan for vistas beyond your wildest dreams.

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