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Your Weakest Link

Now, that is really presumptuous!  Who says you have a weakest link?  I do because we all do.  The key is to be aware of the fact that you’re not perfect and that you have weak links.  It’s those weak links that you must identify and strengthen if you are going to have any chance at self-actualization.

It’s like the old adage that says something like…a chain is no stronger than it’s weakest link.  A thousand perfect links can be rendered useless by the breaking of one.  And, so it is with your life.

Think about it.  When you reflect on your life, so far, you can’t help but end up seeing a connection between all kinds of links that got you from where you were to where you are.  Here’s the problem going forward in your future.  Some of those links may never have been very strong in the first place or are wearing thin over time.

If you want to continue to make the chain of your life as strong as it can possibly be, you have to constantly review the links of your past.  Find those that are weak and strengthen them, if need be.  On the other hand, some of your past links may not be necessary in the future so you should totally remove them and reconnect the chain of your life in a new configuration.

The point is never overlook the weakest link(s) in your life.  You must constantly be strengthening them or removing them to create the strongest chain going forward.

Remember…you can’t push a chain.  You have to pull it.  Strong links are the only way to assure the chain won’t break as you pull along through your life.

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