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Your Winning Edge Requires You Be On the Cutting Edge

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900400457It’s a funny thing about trying to succeed in this life.  You can’t do it with a dull approach.  Dull as defined both as not exciting or interesting and not having a sharp edge.  If success were achieved without having to constantly be at your sharpest focus, it certainly wouldn’t be as interesting and there would be little or no reason to get excited about it.  Sounds dull to me!

If you want to achieve the proverbial winning edge to achieving whatever it is you define as success, you have to stay sharp…to have a cutting edge approach to all that you do.  You can’t achieve new successes with old approaches, generally.  Rising to the top, in other words, always requires you to separate from the pack.  One way to do that is through disciplining yourself to search out what everybody else is doing and then take your approach on an entirely different tack.

In your approach, you have to work hard at three things.  First, is your knowledge.  You have to broaden your knowledge, generally, and specifically to the information you need to succeed along your chosen path.  By knowing more, generally, you will create a perspective that improves your vision.  Improved and broadened vision opens up the opportunities in your life.

The second key to creating your winning edge and staying on the cutting edge is by constantly developing your skills.  Knowledge helps you understand what it is you need to do to be successful.  Skills, on the other hand, are the how of what you need to do.  For example, any success will germinate from a well-defined plan for achieving it.  That said, you must acquire the knowledge of what planning is and why it is important to your success.  Also, your pursuit of knowledge about planning must include learning the various methods for how to plan.  The point is if you know what planning is and why it is important but still don’t know how to do it success will be impossible.

Finally, the third thing you need is you putting forth the effort.  All the knowledge and skills in the world become pointless if not applied in meaningful ways.  That takes effort!

So, to sum it up, your knowledge, skills and effort are your winning edge to success as long as you remain cutting edge in every respect.

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