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You’re a Hero

Don’t you ever forget it or not believe it.  Anybody that comes into this life has had experiences that requires heroic actions to overcome them.  You can’t go through life without dealing with challenges.  It’s a fact and you’re a hero because of it.

Think about the most challenging time or times you’ve experienced in your life.  You got through them, didn’t you?  Yes, you might have thought the challenges would never end or the miserable times would linger on forever…but, they did end and that time did pass.  And, there is only one reason why that happened.  You’re a hero!

The source of your heroics is your very soul.  Nothing or nobody can take that away from you unless you let them.  Don’t.  Be heroic.  Think positive.  Think me, myself and I in whatever form is a hero.

Look for your truth inside and be strong.  It takes a hero but that is exactly what you are.

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