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You’re In The Gutter

I know!  It might seem like a provocative title for this post.  Guess what?  It is and that is exactly what I wanted it to be.  If its provocative nature gets you to thinking about what I am about to say, then its done its job.  I want you to gain a broader perspective that may lead you to a higher view of things.  The higher your view…the higher your results.

Next time you take a walk be sure and take a look at the gutter along the way.  You may not have done that for some time and you might be surprised at what you see.  Regardless, it is likely to not be a particularly pretty sight.  In fact, it might be so bad that you are revolted by what you see!  You can’t even look at it and have to turn away quickly.

Exactly my point!  If your life is in the gutter, there is only one answer…turn away quickly.  Don’t focus on the contents of your gutter!  Turn your attention to the beautiful view of the world all around your gutter.  That view is just as much a part of your picture of potential as what you see in the gutter.  It’s just a matter of your focus.

Life can be brutal.  You can be reduced to living in the gutter but you can still move your life to another location.  Look up for inspiration; reach up; and pull yourself up into a whole new world.  Remember, those walking by and seeing you in the gutter may be revolted and won’t help you but that doesn’t mean you deserve to stay there.

YOU choose to:  Look up!  Reach up!  Pull up!

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